Personalized Health Assessment and Wellness Program
Naturopathic medicine consultation
Specialty lab tests
Functional medicine
Acupuncture / E-stim / Ear acupuncture / Facial rejuvenation / Cupping / Heat applications
Regenerative injection therapy (Prolotherapy, platelet rich plasma therapy)
Intravenous nutrient therapy / Glutathione push
Intramuscular vitamin injection / Hormone injection
Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (female and male hormone, topical, oral Progesterone), Natural thyroid hormone options
Customized herbal formula (TCM, Western botanical medicine, decoction, tincture, tablet, capsule, granule)
High quality supplementation

Personalized health plan / Personal and professional health goals
Natural pain management / Better physical performance
Infertility / Healthy pregnancy
Natural hormone support / Increase libido / Improve mood
Diabetes control / Weight loss / Detoxification / Digestive health
Blood pressure regulation / Cardiovascular health
Immune support / Improve energy
Stress / Anxiety / Depression relief
Smoking cessation / Addiction control
Adjunct cancer care / Decrease side effects of cancer treatment

Please ask us for wellness package programs which include initial consultation and thorough lab test screening

Pain management 

Acupuncture / E-stim / Ear acupuncture / Cupping / Heat applications
Regenerative injection therapy
Kinesiotaping / Sports medicine / Therapeutic exercise / CST

Healthy pregnancy and infertility treatment

Acupuncture / Ear acupuncture
Customized herbal formula
Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy
High quality supplementation / Detox / Cleanse program
Craniosacral therapy for pregnancy and infertility

Insurance coverage for Acupuncture

Individual health insurances / Group health insurances / Commercial insurances / Covered California
Auto accident / Personal injury cases / Travelers’ insurance
Workers’ Compensation / Tri-West (VA) referrals




Naturopathic medicine consultation
$250 for initial visit, per hour
$40 for follow up office visit, per 10 minutes
*Phone consultation fees are identical to above

Lab test

Prices vary based upon patient’s insurance premium and coverage.
Please ask office for lab test you are looking for.
$40 Blood draw & processing


Cash price:
$120 for 1 hour acupuncture treatment
$90 for 30 minute acupuncture treatment
$510 for 5 acupuncture treatments (1 hour each)
$960 for 10 acupuncture treatments (1 hour each)

We accept major health insurances for acupuncture services and we offer verification of your acupuncture coverage as a courtesy service.
Health insurances (United Health Care, Cigna, Aetna, Blue Cross, Blue Shield, BCBS, Kaiser, Health Net, etc.)
Auto insurance (med pay, personal injury cases)
Workers’ Compensation
Tri-West (VA)
Travelers’ insurance
(Patient is responsible for co-payment/co-insurance and deductible based upon patient’s insurance benefits and coverage)

The cash price reflects our discounted out-of-pocket fee. If you are using your insurance, our regular fee schedule will be applied.
If you have a health saving account or a flexible spending account through your employer, you may also be eligible to cover the cost of our services.


Regenerative injection therapy
(Prices vary by location, please call office to confirm)
$200 Prolotherapy, per site
$600 Platelet rich plasma, per site
$750 PRP Facial therapy / PRP Hair rejuvenation


IM injections
$30 IM single injection, starting at
$127.50 IM 5 injections, starting at
$240 IM 10 injections, starting at
(Vitamin B12, B5, B6, B9, B complex, Glutathione, Taurine, MIC and more..)

$90 Testosterone injection (subcutaneous injection)

Please ask office for special shot price (hCG, Peptide, HGH, etc.)


IV nutrient therapy
$80 Glutathione push, starting at
$120 IV hydration

$170 IV nutrient therapy, single, 250cc, starting at
$720 IV nutrient therapy, 5 therapies, 250cc, starting at
$1360 IV nutrient therapy, 10 therapies, 250cc, starting at

$200 IV nutrient therapy, single 500cc, starting at
$850 IV nutrient therapy, 5 therapies, 500cc, starting at
$1600 IV nutrient therapy, 10 therapies, 500cc, starting at

Ask office for special IV therapy price (NAD, High dose vitamin C, Chelation, Poly MVA, Oxygenation O3, etc.)


Discount for services
15% discount for 5 pack
20% discount for 10 pack

House calls
$100 per hour plus each service fees


We ask that you please reschedule or cancel at least 24 hour before the beginning of your appointment or you may be charged a cancellation fee of 50% of the cost of your service.