IM Injection and Vitamin Shots

Intramuscular (IM) and Subcutaneous Injection

Vitamin and nutrient injection / Peptide injection

What are the Benefits?

A quick and effective way to support nutrient needs.
Increases detoxification, cellular metabolism, building muscle mass, physical performance, and energy production.
It can improve cardiovascular health, digestion, cognition, memory, mood, appetite, sleep, and sperm count.
It helps fetal development during pregnancy.
It helps diabetic neuropathy.
Facilitates weight normalization.
Fast recovery from side effects of treatments and surgery.
Immune boosting protocol.
It can improve deep sleep and can increase growth hormone.
Increases libido and helps from erectile dysfunction.
Benefits dermatologic conditions.
It can help with histamine reactions.
Helps from inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) symptoms.
Adjunct cancer care, decrease the side effects of cancer treatment and replenish depleted micronutrients.

Vitamin B plays a critical part in the overall functionality of our bodies. With a Vitamin B Complex injection shot, your body gets a blend of all the B vitamins. However, there are also a variety of Vitamin B shots that can give you a concentrated version of B5, B6, B9, or B12, depending on what your body is low in.

Vitamin B helps in the growth of red blood cells, assists eyesight, as well as contributing to healthy brain function, proper nerve function, and overall cell health. It has also been associated with a healthy appetite and good digestion. For expectant mothers, B vitamins are key to reducing the risk of birth defects. For men, B vitamins have been associated with increased testosterone levels, which tend to decrease as one age.

The daily recommended amounts of the various B vitamins are based on several factors, including your sex, whether you are pregnant, or dealing with specific health conditions that could be contributing to your body’s inability to absorb B vitamins properly.

Vitamin B is water-soluble, allowing your body to quickly absorb it and start enjoying the benefits. If you are looking for an increase in energy, assistance with digestion, or to just boost your healthy lifestyle through concentrated intake of specific vitamins, then Vitamin B injection shots might be an option.

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