Acupuncture is becoming much more popular in the United States as an alternative therapy for many conditions. While it is still considered an alternative treatment in the U.S., it is much more common in other areas of the world. In fact, the 2021 World Health Organization has reported that acupuncture is the most widely used traditional medicine practice globally. And it is growing in the U.S., largely due to its ability to assist in the effective treatment of many conditions.

While acupuncture can provide specific health benefits when used to treat certain conditions, there are many broad health benefits that anyone receiving acupuncture can experience. These health benefits include:

  1. Headache Relief: Acupuncture has been used to treat headaches for thousands of years. It is often an effective and less-invasive option than treatment alternatives. The placement of needles near specific nerves can greatly reduce pain. It can effectively reduce the number of days that one suffers from migraines.
  2. Improved Sleep: Stress is a major component of the modern lifestyle. And for many people, it can result in insomnia or poor sleep quality. Acupuncture can increase your body’s ability to produce natural melatonin, the hormone regulating sleep cycles. Some results have found that acupuncture can be more effective at improving sleep than many modern sleep medications.
  3. Better Moods: Chronic stress and imbalanced hormones can often cause (or at least be a contributor) to changing moods and possibly even depression. During acupuncture, the needles stimulate the central nervous system and release endorphins and chemicals that can elevate one’s mood. Overall, acupuncture can help one think more positively and prevent issues related to prolonged anxiety.
  4. Improved Immune System: Immune health is more important than ever, given many new and emerging infectious diseases. A strong immune system can combat these illnesses and help one feel better faster. It can also reduce the time missed from work or school due to illness. One’s immune system is the first line of defense against infections and pathogens.
  5. Reduced Back Pain and Tension: Modern workplaces can lead to many physical ailments, including back and neck pain. Acupuncture is a great way to alleviate this pain and reduce inflammation in irritated areas, resulting in pain relief.
  6. Improved Digestive Health: The digestive system is critical in maintaining overall health. Acupuncture can provide a way to regulate the digestive system and can provide relief for those suffering from gastrointestinal issues, including gallstones, Crohn’s Disease, and inflammatory bowel disease.
  7. Increased Energy: Regular acupuncture can combat the effects of fatigue, exhaustion, or brain fog. The process rebalances the body’s energetic field and allows all organs to function properly. After treatment, there is often a state of ease, better reset, and an absence of pain, all of which contribute to increasing energy, stamina, and productivity. Along with increased energy, many who undergo acupuncture can also experience enhanced mental clarity and focus.
  8. Blood Pressure Regulation: Acupuncture can support healthy heart function and blood circulation. This traditional practice can provide lower blood pressure comparable to modern pharmaceuticals, without unpleasant side effects. Regular acupuncture can optimize the overall functioning of the cardiovascular system, leading to lowered blood pressure, greater heart performance, and general cardiac fitness.
  9. Enhanced Fertility and Sexual Functioning: Reproduction relies on optimal male and female hormone production. Acupuncture can provide an alternative therapy to those suffering from infertility. It also can support a healthy pregnancy and can optimize the positioning of the fetus to help achieve a natural and complication-free childbirth, which can protect the mother’s body for future fertility and reproduction.
  10. Reduced Allergies: Those who suffer from allergies know how much of a toll they can take, especially during allergy season. Acupuncture can regulate the immune system before the start of allergy season. It can also reduce the symptoms of allergies, such as a runny nose, scratchy throat, or puffy and itchy eyes.

The benefits of acupuncture on overall health cannot be overstated. In addition to these general health benefits, acupuncture can aid with specific types of conditions, including severe neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s. It can improve language and motor function for many with neurological diseases.

When performed by a licensed acupuncturist in a medical setting, acupuncture can be a way to get tremendous medical benefits without many of the side effects that modern medical therapies bring. And acupuncture supports long-term health, improved healing, and faster recovery from a host of other illnesses or injuries. Contact MK Integrative Wellness today to learn more about how acupuncture may help with your health.

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