Traditional Chinese medicine has relied on herbal formulas for thousands of years to positively impact overall health, address specific problems or concerns, and promote overall wellness. But the efficacy of these herbal formulas often depends upon each individual’s unique interactions with the ingredients. Because of this trait, customized herbal formulas can be developed that account for the uniqueness of each individual.

Herbal medicine works by correcting imbalances and disharmonies within the body. Unlike Western medicine that focuses on a ‘problem area’ once a diagnosis has been made, herbal medicine views the body as a holistic structure. This view accounts for the idea that each system is connected to the others within the body. In addition, there is also a connection with the external environment.

Because of these connections, herbal medicine recognizes that even though two individuals may have the same symptoms, the underlying imbalances may be very different. Based on these differences, customized herbal formulas can tailor the unique variables within an individual’s physiology.

Creating a Customized Herbal Formula

Creating the right customized herbal formula can be a comprehensive process if it’s done well, but the result is often worth the effort. The improvements in health and wellness are usually dramatic, which is why this therapy has been popular for thousands of years. And while herbal formulas cannot help with every clinical condition, there are many problems that can be alleviated using herbal remedies, such as:

  • Allergies
  • Autoimmune disorders
  • Diarrhea and constipation
  • Digestion problems
  • Infertility and fertility issues
  • Irritable bowel syndrome
  • Immune system irregularities
  • Menopausal symptoms
  • Menstrual pain and PMS
  • Fatigue
  • Sleep problems
  • Stress, anxiety and depression

Individuals who suffer from these conditions and many others may find relief with herbal medicines. Basic research can often lead you to recommended supplements for nearly any condition. However, these supplements may not work as well in isolation. Common ingredients in herbal medicine often become more effective when combined with other ingredients, which is why a formula is an excellent alternative.

Herbal formulas often have primary ingredients, which direct the function of the formula, and supporting ingredients, which support the primary ingredients by enhancing their ability to address the condition or symptoms successfully. Herbs can both enhance or neutralize the effects of other herbs, meaning that the effect of each blend is the sum of all ingredients and their interactions with one another.

There are herbal formulas available for purchase that have been pre-mixed. Unfortunately, these options usually only address common problems. They cannot account for the unique characteristics of the individual, the presence of multiple conditions, or the health goals they may have.

Where Can I Get a Customized Herbal Formula?

Crafting a customized herbal formula that will work often requires the expertise of a knowledgeable herbalist. This individual can consult with the patient to find out their health history, no matter how complex or simple, and select optimal ingredients to maximize the effectiveness of the formula.

Reputable herbalists will also select only the best quality ingredients for a customized formula, ensuring that they are safe and do not contain any ingredients that will interact unfavorably. Herbalists will often continue to work with an individual long after developing a customized formula to ensure that changes or adjustments can be made based on physiological responses and patient preferences. The formula can also be adjusted to account for new health conditions that may emerge.

Herbal medicine differs from Western medicine, and while many patients prefer to combine the two approaches, the benefits of herbal supplements cannot be denied. When creating a customized herbal formula, the herbalist often tries to identify patterns in the patient’s symptoms. These patterns often impact the performance of many of the systems within the body.

And while these formulas are generally safe, there can be concerns when taken in improper doses or with little oversight. Herbal formulas should never be created or administered by someone without the proper knowledge and expertise.

Herbal formulas are commonly administered as a drink, granule, fine powder, or as a pill or tablet. Like the development of the herbal formula itself, the best method of administration will depend upon variables within the individual. In general, those taken as a drink are most effective due to the body’s ability to absorb the herbs better using this method. These formulas may also work better when combined with other traditional Chinese medicine practices, such as acupuncture.

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